In this Vol 3 marked a new trend of horror. I had recently visited a town called "Tawau" in East Malaysia and was invited to hike a hill called "Bukit Gemok" about 396 metres high. That would be about 1,200 feet high above sea level. In the trail from the bottom to top lies 7 different sub-stations for tourists to rest and to take breaks during the climb. What interested me was according to local folks in Tawau, Station 4 is haunted. The locals claimed to have seen a beautiful female figure in Station 4 and said it was a ghost of a female hiker who died due to an accident a long time ago. It became clear to me that the locals believe Station 4 is the darkest place to be after this weird sighting. My photographer who climbed all the way up to Station 7 with a guide took some pictures before being told of Station 4 being haunted. After the trip when she edited her photos in her laptop, there is one picture that shocked us all. It was a picture taken at Station 4 that looked like a hand is coming out from the ground trying to grab the photographer's camera. But when I analyze it again, I could see more. I saw a baby corpse in this photo. Can you see it? Try seeing it closer in the center. But my photographer said she could see two eyes in this picture staring at us. I saw it too. Can you see it? True enough that night after that trip, I found the photographer waking up at 3am and said she had a terrible dream. She said she dreamt of a woman carrying her baby and jump off a highway. When I saw this image in the photo, it gave me a chilling effect in my bone, thinking I am actually experiencing the evil vibes not in movie but in real life. My only regret was that I forgot to bring my video camera to film Station 4 in this trip. I am planning to make this my next expedition to find out more so that I could start filming Evil Vibes (Vol 3). Stay tuned!

Luv always,
Director Rorne
Independent Filmmaker